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Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF) the oldest and largest multispeciality telemedicine network in South Asia celebrated the 15th anniversary of introducing Telehealth Services in India on March 24th.  In recognition of the outstanding and pioneering efforts of ATNF (92,000 teleconsultations in 25 specialties through 153 peripheral telemedicine centers) the Indian Medical Association the largest medical body declared March 24th as IMA National Telemedicine Day.    ATNF  and its sister concern Apollo Tele Health Services (ATHS)  are embarking on a major telemedicine 2.0 programme where the emphasis will be on providing smart remote healthcare for suburban and rural India.  With the advent of smart villages and smart cities it is imperative that smart healthcare be an integral part of any smart village as no village or city can be smart without affordable, accessible healthcare to anyone, anytime, anywhere and this can be made available only with smart ICT.

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