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  • We thank you all for your valuable support to India m2m + iot Forum 2016. We look forward to receiving you all at India m2m + iot Forum 2017.
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Forum - India Smart Village Forum 2015

The ‘Smart Village’ vision encompasses both economic and social activities that go hand in hand for uplifting and making villages self sustainable. When the Government of India is preparing its plan for 2,500 ‘Smart Villages’ by 2019, India Smart Village Forum 2015 serves as an ideal platform for exchanging information and knowledge over thought provoking deliberations, thereby realizing the unexplored potential that a village holds for machine-to-machine (m2m) technologies and internet of things.

India Smart Village Forum 2015 is a forum that brings together the stakeholders and innovators from the m2m + iot space having exciting solutions targeting and addressing the basics of NEEDS of any village, encompassing the vision for a well connected SMART VILLAGE.

India Smart Village Forum 2015 aims at highlighting KEY SECTORS that will contribute towards a CONNECTED and SMART village.

India Smart Village 2015 being a confluence of a variety of activities in the form of keynote sessions, panel discussions, technology showcase, dialogue and exchange forums - covering the vast gamut of technology, application, policy, use cases from across sectors, aims at highlighting the significant role and potential for machine-to-machine and internet of things towards SMARTER VILLAGES – SMARTER INDIA!

India Smart Village Forum 2015 Highlights!

      • Come together to explore the potential of m2m and iot in VILLAGES- turning the SMART Village vision into REALITY.
      • Participate in INTRIGUING panel discussions that bring out the UNEXPLORED REALITY.
      • LEARN, CONNECT, GROW – Witness m2m and iot contribute towards a SMART NATION – SMARTER TOMORROW.
      • Comprehensive though leadership; insights into application of m2m and iot in the KEY SECTORS that will contribute towards a SMART VILLAGE;
      • Agriculture
      • Automation
      • Education
      • Healthcare
      • Telecom
      • Utility
      • Network with the KEY DECISIONS MAKERS - significant contributors towards making Indian Villages SMART and FUTURE ready.
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